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Pick Your History

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Choose from gamebooks loosely set in historical periods. From Ancient Egypt to Medieval England, we’ve got you covered.

Pick Your Cyberpunk

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If dark, dank and lit by the flickering of neon lamps are your jam, this is the way forward for you. Look out for drones, androids and cybernetic warfare.

Pick Your Apocalypse

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Just because it’s the end of days doesn’t mean it has to be the end of your adventures. Take on the role of a survivor in one of these post-Apoc gamebooks.

Set amidst the tangled roots and twisted trees of Sherwood Forest, an epic adventure awaits you in Escape From Sherwood. Only you control your fate as you step into the shoes of the hero and roll the dice of destiny…

When you joined Robin Hood’s band of vagrants, you promised to be loyal until the end. Now, you have the chance to prove that as you step into the forest on a bitterly cold winter’s night. Your mission is simple: find and ambush the Sheriff of Nottingham. But, unfortunately, the forest is home to a host of strange and magical things, many of which mean you harm.

Escape From Sherwood is the first in the Pick Your Path Adventures series, where you, the reader, take control of the story. You decide which paths to take, when to fight and when to flee. Take notes of everything you see, but always remember to choose carefully…

The hot desert sand seems far away as you step into the gloomy darkness beneath an Ancient Egyptian tomb. Ahead of you lie tunnels and traps that haven’t been seen by living eyes for thousands of years. Your fate is in your hands as you, the reader, take on the role of a tomb raider and step beyond the mortal realm.

Your promise to Kat Hazel was simple enough back in the rainy streets of London; you would head to Egypt and return with the Golden Heart of Ra. Perhaps the most coveted of all Egyptian antiquities, your fellow tomb raiders have been searching for it for decades, desperate for the praise of Queen Victoria or their own private sponsor. However, now that you stand at the opening to the tomb, listening to the unearthly howls of whatever still roams in the tunnels ahead, your quest seems foolhardy at best.

Whether you return with the Golden Heart or die a miserable death alone in the darkness is down to you, the reader, as you take control of the action in the second Pick Your Path adventureRoll the dice of destiny and hope that your chosen path is littered with nothing more than the bones of previous adventurers.

Whatever you do, choose carefully…

Penny dreadfuls are all the rage, but the monsters aren’t just on the page. They are alive and wandering the streets, and Victorian London is at risk. Zombies, werewolves and many more are threatening to rip apart society, but there’s one beast in particular that has caught your attention.

You are one of the most respected monster hunters in England, so it was only natural that the old man would call on you when he heard the rumours. The frantic whispers had reached your ears as well, but you’d dismissed them as nothing more than fanciful imagination. Your path is clear; learn all you can about the legendary Beast of London and destroy it.

Your journey through Victorian London will be fraught with the foulest monsters imaginable. You, the reader, must take control of the story in the third Pick Your Path adventure and earn the reputation as the greatest monster hunter of all time.

The choices are yours, but choose carefully…

In the distant future, the universe is a barren place. Mining factories known as districts have sprouted on every planet as a way to harvest a universal energy source called flux. Society is broken, and law and order are nonexistent. Only the word of the emperor, an elusive and distant entity, carries any force. The rest of the time, it is left to the clans that roam the slums and shantytowns to administer what counts as justice.

You grew up in one of the most rundown districts of all; District-U. Built on some unknown and distant world, you thought you’d seen the last of it when you fled your clan and the wrath of Magron Thundergill. But now you’ve been dragged back into the dark alleyways and grim existence of the district to bring an end to a reign of terror that could threaten the entire universe. If you can claim revenge on Thundergill at the same time, then all the better.

Journeying through the ceaseless rain and pulsing neon lights won’t be easy. The streets are filled with traitors and clans who play by their own rules. You, the reader, must take control of the story in the fourth Pick Your Path adventure and bring an end to the tyranny in District-U.

Whatever you choose, trust no one…

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Hidden away in the middle of the Amazon jungle, the Lost City of Z has mystified and lured adventurers and scientists alike for decades.

When famed mechanist Reginald Harris disappeared along with his clockwork machines, rumours of a disturbance around the Lost Temple began to surface.

Now, it’s your turn to head off into the sweltering jungle, brave the ferocious wildlife and legendary monsters and bring an end to the terror.

Ahead of you lie many choices. Whatever happens, choose carefully…